90 minute workshop, using breakout sessions


What makes a team healthy? How can we help our team be the happiest, most effective they can be?

According to psychology research, “psychological safety” is one of the most important factors in making a team successful (see Google’s great summary on team effectiveness). The core concept is not surprising: the team does better work when all team members can comfortably share their unique perspectives. The tricky part is how to achieve this.

How can a team improve its psychological safety? We’ll practice many specific techniques that managers and team members can do to foster psychological safety. We’ll also go through an example of a team health survey that really works - fostering discussion on the top 5 traits of effective teams, instead of just collecting data points.

Workshop Structure

Casey’s hands-on workshop format is inspired by his experience teaching software development, dance, and music. Casey balances presentation with hands-on activities, alternating between them. Right before each activity, Casey shares the principles clearly and shares just enough story to make them memorable. Workshop attendees then apply the skills to their own problems in small randomly-assigned breakout groups. For some topics we will use the meeting’s sidebar chat for discussion. Casey’s workshops have capped attendance to make sure we have productive discussion, and they usually sell out.

About Casey

Casey is the author of Debugging Your Brain, a concise self-help and applied psychology book.

This book brings together two parts of Casey’s background: psychology and software development. Casey studied neurobiology at Yale University, and he is a co-author on several neurobiology papers. He has worked in software development for 10 years, including at Heroku. He is based in Washington, DC.

Past Recordings

Want to see some of Casey’s past talks and workshops? Here is a playlist, starting with a keynote presentation he did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj3IoW_rboE&list=PLsGBNq2i4TkLJUc2p5-p1T2LATcuP-Kx1&index=1