Gists (Bookmarklets, etc)

Chrome Extension Workshop

A ~3-hour workshop that covers:

Screen Record Hangouts using Quicktime Player + soundflower

OSX can’t record both outputs natively. Here’s how to capture both your mic and the other person's audio during a Hangouts call / quicktime screen recording.


From the development server, open the current page on the production - and vice versa.


Open the current image (opened in a tab) in pixlr express. To easily put a overlay of text over something, etc.


For a given pivotal card that’s open, create an appropriate github branch name for it - including the id and ticket title.

Autorefresh Terminal History

Useful for presentations where you want to show the audience what commands you’ve typed.

Params to Form Input

Easily fill out web forms using data from a spreadsheet using this bookmarklet.



Keeps track of who has attended an event, using their Yale ID card to swipe in. A small, simple application in Ruby on Rails. Interviewed every group on campus that had a similar system to see how this app might meet their needs. Worked with central ITS to expose [card-swipe ⇔ identity] as a web API.

YaleLDAP Gem

Greatly simplifies connection to Yale’s LDAP Server. Well documented, 4.0 on Code Climate.


Manages the loaning and reservation of equipment items. Used by ~14 groups on campus to manage 10,000’s reservations of 100’s of equipment items. A large, stable, well-tested application in Ruby on Rails.


Coordinates where and when employees work. Employees sign themselves up, swap shifts, are held accountable. Manages payment. Used by ~7 groups to manage ~400 employees. A large, difficult legacy application. Going through massive Rails 2 => Rails 3 upgrade.

Service Now Tweaks Browser Extension

Improves the experience of Service Now, is an IT ticket tracking software with an otherwise terrible interface.

Yale Wiki, Haven Free Clinic Wiki, Student Technology Collaborative Wiki (retired)

Helps people share information and collaborate, especially long-term. Editable by anyone affiliated with the group. For, >50,000 views/year by a population of <5,000. Information architecture, server administration, MediaWiki with custom plugins.

Collaboration Tips and Tricks Collection

Presentation on YouTube, Notes

Curated resources used to improve team collaboration