Happy and Effective

Casey’s past teams all became “the happy, effective team” by the time he left them. Employees clamored to be a part of the team, and executive leadership was thrilled with our work.

Your team can become “the happy, effective team” too, through Casey’s leadership coaching and team workshops.

Tech and Psychology

Casey has worked in tech for 10+ years, as a Product Manager, Engineering Manager, and Engineer. Casey has worked for companies such as Heroku (private sector tech), US Citizenship and Immigration Services (government), Yale Information Technology Services (higher education).

Casey’s other background is in psychology. Casey wrote the applied psychology and self-help book “Debugging Your Brain.” He pulls in ideas from psychological safety, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Happy Former Coworkers

Executives love the work my teams do:

“I feel like we have entered a different era and the technology that has been developed will serve as the catalyst for the rest of the agency. So proud of you all and these developments are so meaningful.”

– Andrew Davidson, Chief of the Asylum Division, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Coworkers love being on my teams:

“Casey’s secret has to do with knowing that, deep down, everyone is searching for joy and purpose in their work. When we inhibit others’ productivity, we ultimately rob ourselves of joy and purpose.”

– Bill Garr, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

“I dare you to walk away from a conversation with Casey without a smile on your face. It can’t be done.”

– Lou Rinaldi, Yale Information Technology Services