Gists & Tricks

A Neurobiologists’s Guide to Mind Manipulation (25 min video)

I’ve given this talk 13+ times, all over the world. It’s the most important and impactful thing I’ve ever done.

A useful-psychology double-whammy: (A) Developers are great systems thinkers. Surprise: your brain is a system too! Reframe frustration into accomplishment, and become a more effective and bubbly person using a frontal cortex feedback loop. (B) Want your team to be the happiest, most productive team around? Recent psychology research reveals one key attribute of the most successful teams, and it's within your influence.

Summary, notes, links, related videos, book:

Chrome Extension Workshop (Self-Directed)

I’ve given this ~3-hour workshop quite a few times. It’s written to be do-able on your own at home, too! Even for someone with very little javascript experience. It covers:

Bash/zsh Autocomplete

The BEST thing I’ve ever done to my bash/zsh.


Everyone has their own dotfiles. My way is simple - just a couple of symlinks from a github repo.


From the development server, open the current page on the production - and vice versa. Useful for comparing css or functionality changes quickly.

Slack Emoticon Extraction

One of your Slacks has a ton of emoticons that your others don’t? Download them all at once with this tool ✨

Push To Talk in a Google Hangout (Meet)

Hold spacebar to talk; otherwise you’re muted.

Darken PDFs

A pdf that’s been copied & scanned too many times ends up with illegible grey ink. Make grays black again!


For a given pivotal card that’s open, create an appropriate github branch name for it - including the id and ticket title.

Screen Record Hangouts using Quicktime Player + soundflower

OSX can’t record both outputs natively. Here’s how to capture both your mic and the other person's audio during a Hangouts call / quicktime screen recording.

Mediawiki on Heroku

Mediawiki can be challenging to set up. One of the most cost-effective setups you can do uses Heroku and ClearDB.

Pixlr Bookmarklet

Open the current image (opened in a tab) in pixlr express. To easily put a overlay of text over something, etc.

Autorefresh Terminal History

Useful for presentations where you want to show the audience what commands you’ve typed.

Params to Form Input

Easily fill out web forms using data from a spreadsheet using this bookmarklet.